Living Louder: Opportunities for Activism

“Sometimes radical protesting isn’t about yelling louder.  Often it’s about living louder”–Alex McHugh, Students for Liberty Campus Coordinator, American University ’14

We started providing information about organizations you can get involved with or support in our post WTF Feminism 2.5: Actions Speaking Louder than Thoughts, but in case you missed it, or you need a recap, or you want to know about even MORE organizations that help women or promote feminism, here’s a more extensive list compiled by Randi and Hayley:

General Women’s Organizations:

National Organization for Women puts together amazing events and does advocacy work on women’s issues; they have chapters across the country that you can join and they take volunteers and, if you’re a college student, they also take interns

Feminist Majority Foundation does similar work to the National Organization for Women but with more research and lobbying components; they also take volunteers and interns

Organization that Work Abroad:

Tostan has done amazing work in helping communities move away from Female Genital Mutilation, primarily in Western and Central Africa

Women for Women International helps female survivors of war rebuild their lives; they allow Americans to sponsor women living abroad and to follow their progress as they start over.

Women’s Campaign International promotes female leaders around the world and gives them the skills they need to gain the influence necessary to help change their communities for the better.

You can also find projects being carried out abroad that deal with women’s issues on Global Giving, which you can support financially either as a one-time donation or over an extended period.

Organizations You Can Help At Home:

Emily’s List is an organization which helps promote the election of pro-choice women leaders across the United States.  They welcome campaign volunteers.

Advocates for Youth focuses on promoting comprehensive sex education and pushing for teens to be able to better explore their sexuality; they do political advocacy as well as on-campus events across the country.  They take interns and volunteers, or if you’re a college student you can also work  as a campus coordinator.

Equality Now does letter-writing and awareness campaigns to push for the changing of some of the most oppressive laws and norms around the world

You can also visit the ACLU’s action center for ways to support their campaigns dealing with women’s rights and related issues.

RAINN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network) takes volunteers year-round; they also have affiliated Rape Crisis Centers which take volunteers (note: many of these crisis centers require training and at least a one-year commitment when you sign on, so make sure it’s something you really want to do)

Local women’s shelters take volunteers who are willing to work with women and children.  You can find a director of women’s shelters here if you are interested in volunteering.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America supports both men’s and women’s sexual and reproductive health; they take volunteers (and interns) from around the country.

If you are interested in supporting LGBTQ rights, Human Rights Campaign has opportunities to get involved, as does the ACLU.  You can also look at alternative organizations such as the Harry Potter Alliance or school-based organizations such as the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

For information specifically about domestic violence or sexual violence organizations, please visit our issue-specific list.

Have more opportunities you want us to post here?  Email us at with your suggestions.

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