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Want to get in touch with Randi?  You can click on her gravatar for more information or email her at

And feel free to check out the Tumblr at TheRadicalIdea.Tumblr.Com or follow the blog on Twitter @TheRadicalIdea to stay on top of new posts and tidbits of feminist/LGBTQ news.

One Response to “Contact Us”

  1. Dear Randi and Hayley, I recently discovered your blog whilst searching for articles on the concept of virginity in women and how it burdens us. I discovered your wonderful article called “Like a Virgin: How Society Invented Virginity and Vilifies Sex”.

    I am just about to launch a website for women called Venus Unleashed and I would love to publish you article on there, in order for more women (and men) to read it. The more people understand this burden the better and we may achieve positive change for our future women.

    Please let me know if you are content for me to publish it – I will give your blog and yourselves full credit.

    The site is not yet live but you can view it here:-

    Very best regards, Julia

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