8 Reasons Why I Turned You Down When You Asked Me Out

I think this just summed up a lot of points about relationship dynamics and the sense of entitlement that can distort or influence them. Many of the problematic aspects of our culture surrounding both sex and romantic relationships is a pervasive idea that men are socialized to that says that they are entitled to a woman, particularly if they behave in a particular way. The author of this piece does a beautiful job of summarizing why that’s just incorrect.

Thought Catalog

1. You think you’re entitled to me

There’s no rule that says just because you like someone that they have to like you back. If you think that just because you have feelings for me that you DESERVE me, then you’re sadly mistaken. You need to recognize the reality that nobody deserves anything in life and that I don’t owe you anything for your feelings. So as much as I would normally feel bad for turning someone down, in this case I do not feel one ounce of remorse. Maybe if you would have treated me like an actual human being instead of just some prize you’re entitled to, then things would have been different.

2. You’re a self-proclaimed “nice guy”

There is a huge difference between a nice guy and a “nice guy”. Nice guys are genuinely nice and respect you; “nice guys” are nice solely for the sake…

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~ by Randi Saunders on March 6, 2014.

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