Recap: Relationship Dynamics

Since this month, one of the themes we are focusing on is relationship dynamics, I figured we may as well look back at a couple of previous posts on the subject.  I’ll try to break it down by sub-themes to the best of my ability, but if we are honest, this is an issue which interacts with a number of other problems that women often face.  In addition, I understand that this blog has focused a lot on heterosexual relationships, and I fully recognize that those are not the only kinds of relationships-~-this blog has focused on the male/female dynamic that manifests itself through heterosexual relationships.  Those are the kinds of relationships I have had the most experience with studying and interacting with.  I would, however, absolutely welcome guest posts from other perspectives, so feel free to email

One of the things I’ve looked at over the last couple of years has been relationship expectations.  Relationship expectations have a significant influence on the kinds of dynamics individuals experience.  If you’re interested in this, check out previous posts on “nice guy” mentalities, the “friendzone”, and young women’s sexual agency within relationships.

A second thing that this blog has focused on has been on negative ways that women’s handling of their relationships have been discussed.  Feminism tells us that women don’t *need* men to be happy, that we shouldn’t have to rely on men, and that we shouldn’t have to define ourselves in terms of men.  Those are all good messages, but they set women up for criticism when others can point their fingers and say that a woman “should” have acted or felt differently under this framework of empowerment.  You can read about this issue here, here, and here.

I’ve also talked about marriage a lot on this blog.  I know I’ve particularly discussed the way that vocal so-called “experts” like Suzanne Venker have framed marriage, but there have been numerous other issues inherent in the marriage dynamic worth discussing on this blog.  If you’re interested, check out previous posts on balance at home, the changing balance regarding breadwinning in American households, and critiques of feminism’s impact on relationships.

Lastly, this month-~-in addition to straight-up relationship dynamics-~-the Radical Idea is focusing on a related issue, that of sexual health.  The ways in which relationships function can have real impacts on the sexual agency and sexual health of those involved, but regardless of if you are in a relationship or not, sexual health is an issue you should have on your radar.  For more on this, you can check out posts here, here, here, and here.


~ by Randi Saunders on February 9, 2014.

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