Personal Post: Jan 23, 2014

It’s my last semester of college.

That has absolutely nothing to do with feminism…or I guess maybe it does, since for a woman to be receiving a college degree of course has everything to do with feminism.  But it is a big part of why I’ve been slow to update this site in the last few weeks, so I apologize if people have been checking and not finding anything new.  (But really, if you’re doing that, you should just follow me so you’ll be notified if I publish anything new, it’s much easier.)

In addition to starting my last semester of college, I have also recently started interning with the Feminist Majority Foundation.  As usual, my writing on this blog does NOT necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of organizations I work for, intern for, or volunteer with, unless explicitly stated; this includes FMF.  (Note: I will continue to cite references and point to instances where such organizations’ official positions can be found).  You can, however, see some of my writing on the Feminist Campus Blog, including this post for Roe Day (Jan. 22).  I am very excited to be working with FMF this semester, and to have the opportunity to work more directly on the issues I’ve spent so much time blogging about.

That said, this semester may well be hectic, and as always, submissions to The Radical Idea are encouraged.  February is going to focus on Relationship Dynamics, a sort of acknowledgement to the fact that, regardless of how I feel about it, Valentine’s Day will be happening (though you’ll hear more about that shortly).  It’s also African-American/Black History Month, so if you have any African-American women in mind you’d like to see mentioned on this blog, shoot me an email.  March is, of course, Women’s History Month, and though I haven’t decided upon a theme yet, submissions and suggestions alike are always welcome.

I’ll be back to posting by the end of the weekend.  Until then, check out that Feminist Campus post and, well, stay feminist.


~ by Randi Saunders on January 23, 2014.

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