S**t Right Wing Groups Say

“G-d will not be silent when he is mocked, and we should remember that”-Teddy James of the American Family Association, on the subject of the Aurora, Colorado shootings.

I’m sorry…Gd was acting through a lone gunman, whom he sent to violate the Ten Commandments and kill innocent people, because society is no longer damning all homosexuals to hell?

You must have read a different Bible than I did.

Note: The AFA has been classified as a hate group.

“Sandra Fluke is an advocate of sexual anarchy”-Jennifer Morse, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)

I know this happened months ago, but this is still so obnoxious it made the list.

Also because I hate NOM.  They called my house asking for my support in blocking gay marriage in New York and I called them heteronormative bigots and hung up on them.

Note: NOM has also been classified as a hate group.

“It was liberals who opposed civil rights”-Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association

Citation needed.

Oh, and his example that Republicans ended slavery comes from a time period when the Republican Party was the liberal party in the US.  Inaccurate.  Don’t rewrite history.

“The gay lobby has taken America hostage”-Alan Chambers, Exodus International

“After much counseling, prayer, obedience, tears, deliverance and daily submission to God’s will, I am free from the seemingly unbreakable bondage of homosexuality. I am living testimony that gays can change”-Alan Chambers, Exodus International

Oh, I see.  You were “cured” of your gayness, is that it?

HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A MEDICAL CONDITION.  It is not bondage, it is a sexual orientation.  Sure, you can refuse to act on it if you don’t want to, but there’s no reason to push that decision on anyone else.

Also, they gay lobby?  Is that a thing now?

“…often times the abortionist takes every drop of money that he can get out of that to feed sometimes his drug addiction habit, his sexual abuse habit, or any other number of worldly habits that they got themselves into, often times gambling, and it just takes every dollar out of it”-Troy Newman, Operation Rescue (an anti-choice group)

I wish there were  a clear starting point for assessing this quote but there actually isn’t.  It’s just so incredibly hateful and illogical that I don’t know what else to say besides “citation needed”.

This is an old one but a good one:

”This is an earthquake issue. This will change our state forever. Because the immediate consequence, if gay marriage goes through, is that K-12 little children will be forced to learn that homosexuality is normal, natural and perhaps they should try it.”—Michele Bachmann, on gay marriage, March 2004

I probably included this in a previous post mocking things she has said, but I still think it’s fantastically absurd.  “Homosexuality is normal and perhaps they should try it” does not make any sense.

Homosexuality is not a choice.  I still do not understand why conservatives in America refuse to accept this fact, but they do.

“[the Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood are] working together to steal children’s innocence and make them vulnerable to the negative consequences of promiscuity thereby creating clients for their abortion and STD services,”-Wendy Wright, formerly of Concerned Women for America

…Yes, because that makes lots of sense.

“I don’t believe in birth control.  I don’t think it works.  I think it is harmful to women”-Rick Santorum, former GOP presidential candidate/hopeful

What do you mean, you “don’t believe” in it?  There is not one study you can show me that says that in the aggregate, birth control, taken correctly, is harmful to women.  And I’m sorry but you “don’t believe it works”?  Is it because it doesn’t say so in the Bible?

“Anytime homosexuality is involved — even though in this case it’s a homosexual predator preying on children — people seem to have this innate fear that they are going to be crushed by the sexual anarchist lobby if they speak out against it”-Sandy Rios, the American Family Association, on the subject of the Jerry Sandusky trial

First of all, homosexuality does not have anything to do with the perpetration of childhood sexual abuse, which anyone who has ever worked in sexual abuse and trauma counseling could tell you.  In fact, predators who go after children often go after a certain age group more than they do a certain gender, and a heterosexual predatory could still prey on children of their same sex/gender.

Just like a straight man can rape a man and that doesn’t make him gay.

Know why?  Because it’s not about sex, it’s about power.  It’s about control.

Those are just a few of my favorite quotes from right-wing groups and right-wing politicians in the United States.  It’s getting a bit out of hand.

The source for most of these is www.rightwingwatch.org.


~ by Randi Saunders on July 22, 2012.

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