One Radical Year!

A year ago, we weren’t using the term “War on Women” to describe the policies being pushed through state legislatures and through the US Congress; we never thought that birth control could be considered a scandal; we didn’t have to fight the “personhood” movement.  Amendment One had not yet been passed in North Carolina.  Transvaginal ultrasounds were not something we were concerned about. These haven’t been positive developments in the last year, it’s true.

But it hasn’t been all bad.  A year ago, gay marriage was not legal in the state of New York.  And women’s issues were still only whispered about-~-now we’re in the streets screaming.  A year ago, an Arab woman had never won the Nobel Peace Prize; women in Saudi Arabia couldn’t vote at all.  And I wasn’t sure that we would ever get rid of DOMA, which is now getting  closer and closer to ending up before the Supreme Court.

A year ago, I sat down and created a blog called The Radical Idea.  And for the last 366 days (yay leap years!) I have followed the attacks on Planned Parenthood, the anti-choice laws, the ups and downs of the fight for gay marriage.  And in the mean time, I got trained as a rape crisis counselor.  I went abroad to study gender issues in Kenya.  And all the while, I’ve been writing it all, right here.

Some of it has shocked me.  I really do mean that.  I never expected this blog to reach so many people, to mean so much to some of our readers, or to quite frankly be viewed by such a wide demographic.  Since February, The Radical Idea has been visited by readers from 84 countries on every continent but Antarctica.  That’s crazy.  (But shout-out to all of our readers in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Finland, the countries with the most Radical Idealists after the USA)

In case you only joined us recently, the following (in order) were our Top Ten Posts for our first year on the site:

  1. 8 Lies About Feminism People Cling To And Why
  2. Rape Is Not A Joke
  3. Just Because the Misogyny Has Been Internalized Does Not Make It Okay
  4. I Didn’t Miss the Punch Line, You’re Just Not Funny
  5. True or False: An Overview of Ten Sexual Assault Myths
  6. Women and War: Exploring Gender in the War Memorials of D.C.
  7. Six Double-Standards Society Is Still Accepting
  8. Five Ways the Patriarchy Hurts Men Too
  9. Feminism Today: Do We Still Need It (WTFFeminism Pt 3)
  10. Wake Up and Smell the Funeral Pyre: “Pro-Life” Policies Are Costing Us Lives
  11. Insult to Injury: Victim-Blaming, the Slut Stigma, and the Fight to End It (tied for 10th)

If you missed them, you may want to check them out-~-you guys loved those posts way more than I ever could have expected, ESPECIALLY our top 2.

This past year would not have been possible without the support of some pretty fantastic people.  First, to everyone who has helped me find the articles and dig up the stories that I’ve blogged about, I probably could not have gotten nearly as much done without you (specific shout outs go to Beth S. and Tula B., you’re both awesome).  To Hayley, who joined the Radical Idea in November, it’s been great to have you on board.  To my roommates, Tania S., Cienna B. and Katherine P., as well as Abbe R. (who is a roommate-to-be), who listened to me rant, rave, and ramble as I hashed out these posts and got madder as the laws got crazier: thank you.  To Danielle Burch of Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist, Sophie Rae of Grrrl Beat, and Liza Wolff-Francis of Matrifocal Point, thank you for adding your voices to the discussion and supporting my work here.

And lastly, a big thank you to you, the fine folks who find the time to read this blog: if it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t really be much point in doing this.


~ by Randi Saunders on July 6, 2012.

One Response to “One Radical Year!”

  1. Happy Birthday Radical Idea! Your words are so powerful and necessary in this maddening political arena! Keep making noise, stirring the waters, writing great posts- you have us all thinking and rethinking- so important!
    It’s incredible how much has happened in the past year! I love that you point out the positive as well as the things that make us wonder if it’s all down hill. Things are changing and some of it, at least, is good!
    Thanks for the shout out- I love your blog! And thanks for your work!
    May there be many more birthdays!- Liza Wolff-Francis, Matrifocal Point

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