Call for Submissions–Summer 2012

Hey you-~-yes, you, the awesome person reading this post-~-how would you feel about being a part of The Radical Idea this summer?  (Or, you know, any time of year?)

This is just a happy reminder that The Radical Idea DOES take submissions.  This summer we are going to be focusing on the 2012 presidential election, body image issues (I know, we haven’ t talked about it in a while), MEN’S issues (because we should ALL talk about that more, Hayley raised some great points in the comments on my post about Disney), and the subject of gender identity.

Obviously we will still be tracking current events, following any legislation passed that infringes on women’s rights, etc., but those are going to be some of the main themes for this summer.  If you would like to submit on any of those topics, or any other topics in which you are particularly interested/have a background, PLEASE feel free to email us at

IN ADDITION, we are also going to start accepting questions from readers.  This will be handled on a question-by-question basis on our tumblr and on a weekly or bi-weekly basis here on the WordPress site.  So please, feel free to email us or submit a question via the tumblr if you have anything you would like to see us discuss or see us answer.

Lastly, as Hayley and I get more involved with our respective feminist organizations, PLEASE bear in mind that the views expressed on this site represent only OUR views and NOT the views of any organizations with which we may be affiliated, including those we are involved with at our respective universities or through our respective jobs/internships.

Many thanks!

Always, Randi


~ by Randi Saunders on May 14, 2012.

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