Virginia: Keep Your Politics Out Of Our Uteri (Literally)

Some time ago,  I found myself having an argument with someone who was adamantly pro-life.  He told me that life is sacred, and all babies have the right to be born.  I told him we only assign rights to those already alive-~-and this led to more arguments.  I asked about rape victims, he still said those children have a right to be born.  But then I asked him, “What if it was your sister who needed an abortion?  What if it was your sister whose entire life was going to be derailed, who was going to have to drop out of school, who was about to become a single parent too young, who was going to have to take on the physical burdens of carrying a baby to term…what if SHE needed an abortion?”

And he told me that that wasn’t a fair question, because it was too personal.

Here’s the thing, pro-lifers of the world: abortion is a very personal choice.  So when you tell us that we can’t make things personal when we talk about it, who are you kidding?  Of course it’s personal: it’s someone’s body, someone’s future.  A fetus can’t sustain itself beyond the mother’s body-~-so it is the mother who is an autonomous human being who has the right to make these decisions.

But the pro-life movement doesn’t really care about any of that, so now unfortunately we have to revisit the State of Virginia and its absurd war on women and their right to actually make decisions.

From Feminist Ryan Gosling

A few days ago, Virginia’s legislature passed a bill that would require unnecessary ultrasounds for pregnant women seeking an abortion.  In protest of this bill, state Senator Janet Howell attached an amendment to it that would require men to have a rectal exam and a cardiac stress test before getting a prescription for erectile dysfunction medicine, arguing that if women are going to be subjected to unnecessary medical tests men should be subjected to the same.  Though she did an excellent job of highlighting the absurdity of the situation, unfortunately I am not sure if that amendment actually went through-~-but I DO know that the bill did, and therein lies the problem.

On top of that, the procedure itself is somewhat invasive (some opponents have compared it to rape with instruments), adding to the amazing level of injustice at play here.  The least Virginia could have done, if they wanted to make it so that pregnant women would see their babies before aborting them, would be to mandate a normal ultrasound instead of a transvaginal ultrasound.  But unfortunately, they didn’t-~-they chose to do this in the most amazingly misogynistic way possible in order to shove a pro-life agenda up these women’s vaginas.

Even the pro-life people I have spoken to think this is a little excessive.  Come on, Virginia, tone it the heck done over there.


~ by Randi Saunders on February 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Virginia: Keep Your Politics Out Of Our Uteri (Literally)”

  1. They are doing whatever they can to say women aren’t human enough to make our own decisions. Texas just recently passed a similar law. These vaginal ultrasounds are absolutely medically unnecessary, invasive, psychologically damaging, and costly for the woman. AND it further takes people’s choice away. No one is asking, do you want to see a picture of the unborn fetus? For all those anti-choice people out there- who isn’t pro-life? I love life. I’m glad I’m alive. It’s just that many of us choose to trust women to make our own decisions for our bodies.

  2. I’ve had 3 or those done for ovarian cysts and they are incredibly invasive. Toss in I’m a survivor of sexual violence and it was also fairly traumatic. The people advocating this say you can’t get a clear enough picture through the “jelly on the belly” method. In other words, it isn’t enough to see a blob on the screen, a woman is supposed to see, what, human features the size of a grain of rice? To further shame her? This is NUTS!

  3. […] to say they don’t want babies to die. But these aren’t babies, they are fetuses. From The Radical Idea: “A fetus can’t sustain itself beyond the mother’s body-~-so it is the mother who […]

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