Florida House Budgets 2 Million Tax-Payer Dollars to Fund Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Hey Florida House! Just heard that, for yet another year, you’re going to give two million dollars to Crisis Pregnancy Centers!

It’s good to know that you sometimes think about women’s issues when you aren’t busy arguing about medically irrelevant regulations for health centers, or fussing that women must pay out of pocket for ultrasounds they don’t want or need, or denying any funding to my only health care provider, the Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando.

It’s cool that you are throwing money towards something that specifically affects women’s health – like providing women with prenatal care, testing, breast exams, pap screenings, blood tests, and caring, personalized health care. OH WAIT! I’m thinking of Planned Parenthood! You know, the organization that you spend hours on the floor whining about when you don’t give them any money! Crisis Pregnancy Centers do none of that.

Florida Government, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you don’t know what you’re giving to: Crisis Pregnancy Centers are actually faith-based organizations that have the sole aim of intentionally providing false and misleading information to pregnant women. Their one goal is to counsel pregnant women not to get an abortion. Some give sonograms, but the vast majority is not licensed and can’t provide actual medical services. The consultant at a local CPC actually told my friend, “the secretary at Planned Parenthood could give abortions, you never know who is a doctor or not.” (And I’ll check my privilege: I understand that it must be more difficult for a Crisis Pregnancy Center affiliate to recognize doctors, seeing as they employ none of them.)

Maybe, Florida House, you simply are unaware of the inaccuracies CPCs spew at women?

Oh, stuff like the link between breast cancer and abortions. (There is no link.)

How unsafe abortions are.  (An abortion is actually fourteen times safer than giving birth.)

A direct quote from the consultant at one of my current city’s crisis pregnancy centers: “Actually, the baby sees the abortion mechanism and backs away from it, into the corners of the uterus, where it is scratching and praying to god to save it. The fetus can feel pain.”

Now, that’s just some anti-choice fanfiction. There’s no scientific evidence for this. Be wary: personifying the fetus is an unclever tactic to eclipse the humanity and choice of the adult, pregnant woman sitting right in front of them.

So, you deny funding to Planned Parenthood. And you cut funding to the Florida Department of Health. But you find two million dollars in your budget to fund religiously-affiliated organizations that spread terror, medical irrelevancies, and falsehoods?

….is anyone else starting to feel like this government does not care about its people?

Anyway, Florida House, enjoy making me sad for another year.


Hayley Cavataro


~ by Hayley Cavataro on February 10, 2012.

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