Hayley’s Rise to (Posting) Power

This is an administrative post from The Radical Idea.

As of tomorrow the Radical Idea’s principle writer, Randi (that’s me) will be leaving to go abroad for four months, leaving the Radical Idea’s other writer, Hayley, in charge. Hayley will still sign her posts (so you’ll know it’s her) and tag them (so you can find them easily), and Randi (I) will post from abroad when possible. Please, stick with us through this posting-scarcity problem and remember that Hayley is busy (she writes for other organizations besides The Radical Idea) and Randi is…not in the US of A.

You can still email us at RadicalButLogical@gmail.com and follow us here and on Tumblr (also under the name The Radical Idea). You can email Randi questions about Africa and the issues women face there as well at that email address.

If you just want to know what she’s up to, regardless of how relevant it is to feminism, you can email her or follow her ramblings about Africa here (but truly, folks, it may be rambling. I am not sure how polished that site is going to be. Likely it will not read the same way as The Radical Idea).

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the writers and thinkers at The Radical Idea!


~ by Randi Saunders on January 2, 2012.

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