Even Mississippi Wasn’t That Crazy

Prop 26: It was every pro-choice advocate’s nightmare.  It was every reproductive rights advocate’s nightmare.  Redefining personhood in such an extreme way…shudder.  I think Hayley made the situation pretty clear in her last post.

Thankfully, even Mississippi voters decided that this was absolute lunacy…and voted down the personhood amendment yesterday.

Even anti-abortion groups rallied to defeat Prop 26.  For starters, anyone who is  anti-abortion should be pro-birth control.  This may not be reflected in everything that current Republican leaders say, but it is still true: preventing pregnancies is a good way to prevent people from having to terminate them.  And in vitro fertilization, which also could have been impacted by this, was also something they wanted to protect.  Sure, pro-life groups like Right to Life were also trying to deter lawsuits that could have ultimately helped strengthen Roe v. Wade, but the fact is, they still came out in opposition to Prop 26, which people were concerned would actually pass in Mississippi.

I speak for both Hayley and myself here when I say I think we are all relieved to know that some shred of sanity still prevails in this country, and that even in states where it seems that the anti-abortion movement is strong enough to alter the definition of personhood, enough people were smart enough to vote Prop 26 down.


~ by Randi Saunders on November 9, 2011.

7 Responses to “Even Mississippi Wasn’t That Crazy”

  1. No, anyone who is against abortion should be against sex outside of marriage. Even against sex in marriage when a couple doesn’t want/can’t afford more children.

    Having birth control readily available has done nothing to stem unwanted pregnancy, and abortion has become a method of failed birth control-that is the abortion I’m against. Don’t do it if you’re not ready to spend the next 18 or so years caring for a child, or if you’re not ready to provide a good home for said child.

    I am against abortion in all but the most extreme cases, because I respect life from the point of its creation to the point of its death. On the other hand, I also think that it’s better to change people’s hearts than it is to just change laws. Look at the turmoil the civil rights legislation put on America. Again, this is a case where the idea is right-all humans have dignity, not just white ones. But teaching it in school and letting regular instruction change those with different opinions was a better path, although granted, it would have taken longer.

    • Why do you hate sex?



      Your beliefs clearly aren’t based in science, since the science is precisely opposite of basically everything you say. Also, citation needed. On basically everything you said.

      So it has to be ideological. So what drives this hatred of sex?

      Is it Jesus? Jesus never-said-a-word-about-fucking Christ?

      I’m not even touching your faintly racist last paragraph.

      What the hell is wrong with sex?

      • Where do you get the idea that I hate sex? I love sex, when it’s put into the right context.

        Regardless of what science says (and predominately it agrees with me), look at the out-of-wedlock birthrates before birth control were available vs after it became widely available. Birth control is only effective at all if it’s used properly, and when you poll women who go for abortions, they say they either forgot their pill, didn’t use a condom, or the condom broke. Proving that birth control doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

        All I’m really saying is that, if you want to have sex, either be responsible about birth control beforehand or live with the consequences after.

        I think it’s you who needs to provide citations. Jesus, who said to the ADULTEROUS woman “Go and sin no more”, implying that adultery is a sin. What’s adultery but sex with someone who is not your spouse?

        There is nothing wrong with sex, but using birthcontrol to prevent pregnancy or disease is about as effective as playing Russian Roulette with a stocking over the muzzle of the gun barrel. The gun will still kill you, and birthcontrol fails.

  2. the personhood amendment wasn’t JUST about abortion, and even pro-life groups understood that it was a little extreme. the fact is, people have sex. we’re biologically programmed to have sexual desires and to say that only a sliver of society ought be able to act on these desires seems a little unreasonable, especially when we do have things like birth control that allow people to regulate fertility pretty effectively (provided, as I’ve previously said, that one is actually using birth control correctly). the fact that prop 26 attempted to interfere with that was the real issue, and honestly, I think we should all be glad that cells not even attached to a uterus yet are not going to be considered people.

    • No, you’re right, it wasn’t. And I agree that it is extreme. Afterwards, you’re a bit off. Humans are called to control themselves. We’re supposed to discipline ourselves to eat healthy food, not use drugs inappropriately, not drive our car through crowds of people, and so on. If we have the ability to control ourselves in those areas, why not our sexuality? It’s not ‘only a sliver’ who are entitled, either-most adults get married. But even in marriage, if you’re not ready to have a child, you should be willing to control your sexual urges, for the good of your family and society.

      Having sex when you’re not disposed to have a child is like driving in the HOV lane by yourself. You’re effectively hoping you don’t get caught by doing what you’re doing, but in the case of sex, you’re involving another life.

      I do think we need to legally determine when a fertilized egg becomes human, though. When the egg is fertilized, it has two choices-become a human, or die. It cannot be something else, can it?

  3. I think the problem is that you’re blaming the technology’s failure on the errors of the users. What we really need is to teach women to use birth control effectively–and yes, there are mistakes.
    But is that because birth control does not work, or because individuals messed up? Don’t conflate the two.
    That said, there is nothing wrong or unhealthy about embracing your sexuality–as long as you are safe and responsible about it.

    I also think it is interesting that adultery is a sin…and it is women who need to stop being adulterous. The fact that women are blamed for embracing their sexuality while men are not is hugely problematic, and still an issue today. Women may need to accept the consequences of their actions–BUT SO DO MEN.

  4. No, technology has failures-we see it every day in all parts of society. In the realm of sexuality, we need to be absolutely responsible for our own bodies. Absolutely, so do men…Adultery is a sin for both men and women, it’s just that women have the capacity to carry life, and they get figuratively screwed if men want to use them. But that’s the point of having a commitment-if there’s a man to be a father, then great. Too often women feel pushed into abortion, and I agree that’s a shame. I believe that a man who gets a woman pregnant and abandons her is going to pay for the woman’s abortion in heaven…probably not the woman.
    There is nothing wrong with embracing sexuality-but you have to understand what sexuality is, and what it isn’t. Sexual freedom does not give you, or anyone else, the permission to have sex with whoever they want to have sex with. Freedom is the ability to do what is right, not the ability to do what you want. The problem with freedom in sexuality, especially heterosexuality, is that every sex act has the ability to involve a third person-the product of the sex act. That third person has rights, but has no way to defend his/her rights. That’s why it’s society’s responsibility.

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