The Planned Parenthood Battle, Part 3

Yes, my friends. I am bringing up Planned Parenthood again. Because it’s happening RIGHT NOW. And I don’t think we can afford to ignore it.

For those of you who don’t already read the Huffington Post…you probably should. They have some great pieces, and a lot of the opinions expressed by the HuffPost are opinions you probably already hold, or lean towards, if you read this blog. And three days ago, they posted a piece that gives a nice little summary of the War On Planned Parenthood, in which they recap the following:

1. Five States (Indiana, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, and New Hampshire) have already defunded Planned Parenthood, and South Dakota tried to infringe on PP’s ability to do their thing.
2. Federal judges in Kansas, Indiana and South Dakota politely informed those states that they may need to rethink their courses of action. And by that I mean, struck down their attempts to stop Planned Parenthood from doing their their job.
3. Texas still has Planned Parenthood on the bottom of the list for organizations that will receive funding, and we’re all still waiting to see what will happen there.
4. An Ohio lawmaker announced Wednesday that he intends to move to defund Planned Parenthood in that state as well.

Oh, Ohio. I know I picked on you yesterday, but come on. You’re already a terrible place to be gay.  Can you really afford to also be a terrible place to have a uterus?

So with the exception of #2 on that list, things are not looking good for those of us who care about Planned Parenthood.  And to top it off, a case originally filed in 2007 by Phill Kline, the former DA for Johnson County, MO, is moving forward, charging Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri of 27 fellonies and 80 misdemonors, including illegal late-term abortions and the falsification of records.  Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri adamantly denies the validity of these accusations (I mean, of course, because even if they were true I doubt PP would just come out and be like “yeah, illegal abortions, that was us”, doesn’t really help their image much…) but there is a preliminary hearing set for the case in October.  Which means there will undoubtedly be another installment in this series at that time.


But there IS good news.  Because, as it turns out, New Hampshire is having second thoughts.  Apparently, they are required to make sure that everyone has access to primary care–and now that they’ve defunded Planned Parenthood, they are no longer meeting that requirement, meaning the state could lose federal funding.  Thanks to this revelation, New Hampshire is reconsidering restoring funding to Planned Parenthood, which means residents of New Hampshire will (hopefully) once again have access to the birth control, antibiotics, and STD testing that Planned Parenthood had previously provided to them. Go Team Planned Parenthood!

Even better?  A recent CNN poll showed that 65% of voters are in favor of CONTINUED funding for Planned Parenthood.  And let’s face it, our politicians may not care about our uteri…but they DO care about what happens at the ballot box.


And maybe those who continue to criticize Planned Parenthood because the organization has abortion clinics should remember that abortions only constitute 3% of Planned Parenthood’s activities.  17 % of Planned Parenthood’s budget goes to cancer screenings and 31% of their services are comprised of STD tests, including tests for HIV.  Regardless of how you feel about abortion, those ARE the kinds of services we need to keep providing–and we can only hope that our lawmakers will realize that soon.




~ by Randi Saunders on July 18, 2011.

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